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Mike Smith

When the Kanaky independence activist Susanna Ounei sadly passed away in Wellington the family needed somewhere for her to lie. Bruce, Halima and the family opened the marae to us in this time of need for which we are truly greatful. Once again Tapu te Ranga marae has provided shelter and support for a family in need. Thanks again to the Stewart family

Olly (NEN hui 2016)

Tauke koutou, it was such an inspiring place to have our annual hui. The marae is like nothing I have ever experienced, yet it encompasses everything traditional marae have, and so much more. I wish we had more time to get to know the place a bit better, maybe next year at the next hui.


This is such a beautiful Marae with such a beautiful story. I have had such a great weekend staying here, and the food was amazing! Thank you so much

Na Rawiri

This is my fucker for the day, Bruce, and for te tau.

Arohanui ehoa, me te taurekahere mai te wa'i pounamu.


We instill the ANZAC spirit
and the town was quite abuzz
with Bill the blacksmith's helper
and Joe the fuzzy-wuzz-

the kangaroos were languid
but the kookaburras laughed
when Jack the Kiwi trooper
asked the RSL for draught.

The bar-room girls they sniggered
and the diggers nudged their pals
and the bar-man looked to heaven
with his gaze took off the gals.

:"now here's a dandy rooster"
as he wiped change off the bar
and the punters wiped their noses
in that dry back country bar.

The kiwi was stuck for answers
as Jack Bunbury dropped his cue
and the silent wind grew drousy
and the eucalypts drew in their dew.

The pause was growing pregnant
and love might turn to hate-
but the barman smiled and poured a beer
as the kiwi uttered- "mate!"



Tena Koe Koro It's been a long time since I last saw you I can't wait to see you at the Marae 4 the Wedding in Wellington Koro Anataia Mum and I miss you and love you very very much Hope you get Better Soon Koro Love you Long time Koro Love from Ruka,Anataia, and Mum xxxx


Tena Koe Koro It's been a long time since I last saw you Anataia and I enjoyed spending time with you When you were in Yr Wheelchair I had fun yakking with you I hope to see you Soon Koro in Wellington 4 the Wedding I'm very excited and can't wait to see you at the Marae Anataia and I loved every moment with you Koro While you were talking to Anataia and I. Anataia and Mum and I love you very much Hope you get better Soon Love you Koro xxxx

Maori Womens Development Inc

Tena koutou e rau rangatira

Tapu te Ranga is a magnificent venue to host hui, they provided a warm welcome, beautiful, nutritious and delicious kai and were wonderful to work with (very flexible).

We hosted our training session for #rise2025 an indigenous coaching programme for 14 Maori women from across Aoteroa. Tapu te Ranga was an awesome venue to align with our kaupapa.

We recommend this as a fantastic space for learning, growth and development.



Kei a koutou katoa te haukainga, nga mihi nunui mo o koutou manaakitanga, o koutou aroha ki a matou nga akonga o te PEPANZ NZ me te OSC UK.
Ka rawe o koutou aroha ki te awhinatia matou!
Thank you very much to the haukainga for hosting us and for feeding us.
Like most of the group said, we were very well fed.
Hope the trip to Fiji went well!


What blew me away was that all they had to start was the $25 when He was released from prison. They didn't have hot water or a bathroom or toilets. Now there's no escaping the mist that hangs like a halo over these Whare- It all boarders on being unbelievable even though you're looking at it. The mist is the spirit of those young ones who built this 'Fairy Castle with Him- they're in the walls. It should be preserved for all time as evidence that the battler spirit is still alive and well!!


Thank you so much for allowing me to stay there. It was a first for me and a great experience.
I'm recommending it to folk as a Must Do when in Wellington!
What a wonderfully peaceful place to be.
God Bless you all
Jill Purvis